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Speakers Series

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible platform for learning and discussion centered around economics. Our expertly curated events feature famous economists from around the world, speaking on everything from cutting-edge technology to public policy.


Each of our events is focused on a specific topic, designed to provide in-depth knowledge and insight into the issue at hand. With an emphasis on engagement and discussion, our events offer a unique opportunity to gain deep insights into the world of economics.



We believe in the power of collaboration and building meaningful connections through shared experiences. Through a variety of collaborative events with different societies in St Andrews, we offer a unique opportunity to socialize and explore other societies and the work they are doing.


Whether it’s our annual bonfire with the School of Economics and Finance and the School of Management, or our interactive panels with the Women in Business Soc and the Investment Soc, you are sure to gain opportunities for personal and professional development.


Socials and Pub Quizzes

We host a wide array of socials throughout the year. Everything we do is centered around our shared love of economics and our sense of community. Whether we're grabbing a slice of pizza at one of our socials at Castlecliffe, challenging our brains at a pub quiz, or sharing a conversation, you're always welcome to join us. 


Our goal is to create a dynamic, fun-loving community that inspires learning and encourages interaction with members of faculty and fellow students of the economics cohort. So whether you're a fresher taking your first economics class or a seasoned PhD candidate, we invite you to join us and see what the St Andrews Econ Soc is all about.

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